Alban Eilir Gallery

On Saturday the 21st of March the Dorset Grove gathered for our Alban Eilir ritual. Alban Eilir which means light of the earth, is the Druid celebration of the Spring Equinox, the time when night and day, light and dark are equal.

About sixteen good folk gathered at two o'clock at the meadow below Maiden Castle on what was a beautiful sunny spring afternoon. I have to say Wildfox and I were slightly outnumbered as we were the only two males present. We really need more men to come along.

We had a very evocative ritual in which we were visited by the spirit of the young Mabon and his lady Ceredwin who brought us tokens of Spring in the form of flowers and seeds. I think that everyone felt that we had well
 and truly welcomed Springs return in a time honoured fashion.

Well that was our Alban Eilir ritual but the wheel turns ever on, and now our thoughts turn to Beltain. We would love to see you all at the ritual then. Details available from Wildfox nearer the time.
 Do you talk to the trees? even better do the Trees talk back?